The Cooperative Credit Structure in Andhra Pradesh is a federal structure and the A.P. State Cooperative Bank is the State Level Organisation, The Dist. Coop. Central Bank is the District Level Organisation and the PACS is the Primary Level Coop. Credit Society, and all the organizations registered under A.P. Coop. Societies Act 1964, and the liability of its members for the Debt of society is limited to the shares held by its members.

The Nizamabad Dist. Coop. Central Bank which formed about 87 years ago (17.11.1922) has been playing a vital role in the development of the district through the Cooperative mechanism.  The bank has presently 31 branches excluding Head Office main branch.  The Cooperative infrastructure in the district presently consists of 140 Primary Agricultural Coop. Societies and around 390 other functional Coop. Societies.

The bank received State level Best Banker Award from Government of A.P. on 15.01.2010 for the progress made during the year 2009-10 under Sankranthi Puraskaralu.


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